Wushu Taolu

Taolu Competition Categories for IWUF World Wushu Championships

Taolu comprising bare handed and weapons forms, has 11 different routines that fall under 4 main categories.   All routines can be practiced as standard or with degrees of difficulty and all have specific time ranges. 

1. Barehands: Changquan (northern long fist); Nanquan (southern fist); Taijiquan (shadow boxing)
2. Short Weapons: Daoshu (single-edged broad sword); Jianshu (double-edged sword); Taijijian (taiji double-edged sword);
    Nandao (southern single-edged broad sword)
3. Long Weapons: Gunshu (cudgel/staff); Qiangshu (spear); Nangun (southern cudgel/staff)
4. Dui Lian: Choreographed Fights (without weapons, with weapons, and bare hands against weapons).

Judging is based on a maximum of 10 points being scored:
Group A Judges (quality of movement) – total score 5 points
Group B Judges (overall performance) – total score 3 points
Group C Judges (degree of difficulty)   – total score 2 points

Check under the Wushu Rules tab above for information on Taolu Competition Rules and Regulations.