New European Wushu Kung Fu Confederation Established

39 European Wushu National Federations meet in Zurich, Switzerland, and unanimously decide to create a new European Wushu and Kung-Fu Confederation.

On Monday 26 June 2023, 39 European Wushu National Federations met in Zurich, Switzerland, following the invitation and under the supervision of the European Supervisory Committee (ESC) established by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF).


Mr. Anthony Goh (IWUF ESC Chairman), Mr. Michele Bernasconi (Legal Counsel) Mr. Sherif Mostafa (IWUF ESC Member), Mr. Walt Missingham (IWUF Ethics Committee Chairman) & Mr. Zhang Qiuping (IWUF ESC Member) attended the meeting.

Under the direction of Anthony Goh, Chairman of the ESC, the National Federations decided to act as Founding Members of the Wushu-Kungfu Federation of Europe (WKFE), a new European Confederation to be recognised in due course by IWUF. The Statutes of WKFE, prepared by the ESC in co-operation with two working groups, were accepted unanimously. The 39 founding members also decided to leave open the door to additional National Federations that may have not been present in Zurich to join the WKFE in the near future.


The Founding Assembly elected Patrick Van Campenhout of Belgium as President of WKFE. Further, also 14 members of the Board of Directors of WKFE were elected. Finally, Brussels, Belgium, has been chosen by the WKFE founding members as the official seat of WKFE.

Mr. Sherif Mostafa and Mr. Zhang Qiuping, as the Member of the IWUF ESC, attended the Founding Assembly. Mr. Zhang, as the IWUF Secretary General, commented: “We are very pleased to see so many European IWUF National Federations working together and joining forces to start an important new chapter of Wushu in Europe. It is a central aim for IWUF to support the development of Wushu in all countries of the world and today we can say that an important in all countries of the world and today we can say that an important step has been made for the success of wushu in Europe.