World Kick Boxing Champion, Stanley Nandex has announced his support for Kung Fu/Wushu in the Pacific

Stanley Nandex is one of PNG’s most famous and successful international athletes.
Former WKA NSW Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champ (Amateur)
Former WKA Papua New Guinea Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Champ (Amateur)
Former WKA Australian Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champ (Amateur)
Former WKA World Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champ (Amateur)

He is seen in the photo attached with Geoff Hui (President PNG Kung Fu Wushu Association).


Since his support PNG has seen a considerable upsurge in interest in SANDA.
A feature story (attached) was recently run in The National (PNG’s national newspaper)


His exploits can be seen on youtube

It is anticipated that kung fu/wushu will meet the first condition of acceptance as a pacific games sport in July this year.